When You Care Too Much About What People Say or Think About You

It is not easy to not care about what other people think or say about you, right? You do not want to hear judgment from those you love, care about, and respect. While this is understandable, do you know how you might be sabotaging your growth, success, and happiness because of worrying or caring too much about other people’s thoughts and opinions?  

  1. You adopt a personality that does not really embody the real you. To avoid being judged for your characteristics that might be considered unusual or out of the ordinary, you try to hide them and put on a different mask to ensure you don’t get any criticisms. How can you freely reach your full potential and work on your life purpose if you hide the real you? 
  2. You are always filled with anxiety. Nothing brings more stress and worries than always thinking about what other people might think or say about you. Because of your constant concern for other people’s thoughts and opinions, you lose your peace of mind. Is it worth your restless and sleepless nights?
  3. You follow the path that has been predetermined for you. One of the most crucial outcomes of caring too much about what people say or think is forcing yourself to go on a path that others think is best for you, even when you have a different way in mind. Would you really be happy in the end if you achieve something that is not really what you dream for yourself?
  4. You fit yourself in the box that people put you in. You accept the category they put you in even when you are more than what people think you are. In this case, aren’t you sabotaging yourself by taking such labels? When you accept those labels, you are also unknowingly conditioning yourself to become what they say you are, even when you can be so much more. 
  5. You do your best to please others but fail to make yourself happy. When you constantly think about how to make people like you and not judge you, everything you do will always be for their pleasure and approval. Would meeting people’s expectations of you make you really happy? Wouldn’t doing what you want to be more satisfying? 

In conclusion, caring too much about what others think or say about you could cost you your bright future and your happiness when you change yourself just to avoid such. How about you use the comments of others to strengthen yourself and fuel your passion for your mission in life? Isn’t it a better way to deal with such a challenge? 



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Top 3 Reasons Not To Allow Negativity From Changing Your Goodness

I have met many people in my life who have radically changed themselves because of the negative experiences they encountered in life, especially other people’s bad treatment of them. I have seen good people transform into indifferent and uncaring individuals because they experienced the same from other people. 

I believe that we should not allow ourselves to change for the worse because of such reasons. We should not lose our inherent goodness as human beings because of our negative experiences. Why?

  1. Maintaining your goodness as a human being will give you peace of mind and heart. When you try not to use feelings anymore to avoid getting hurt when people mistreat you, you are going against the general purpose of life, which is to serve others. In addition, you become vengeful, uncaring, and indifferent. These characteristics would only bring you dissatisfaction when you look back because you could not make the world a better place throughout your life.
  2. Changing for the worse would only make you belong in the same category as those who mistreated you. Other people’s treatment of you reflects themselves, not you. Use their treatment as the basis for how you treat other people. You do not like it; therefore, you should not treat people the same way. You should maintain your positive attitude despite how others treat you and dislike your disposition. 
  3. Turning yourself into someone worse would only make you lose your cherished relationships. Changing because of other people’s cruel treatment affects how the people you care about look at you. You would only be building walls around you and isolating yourself from everyone else. It is not at all worth it. 

When people treat you badly or experience unfairness, do not blame yourself nor change yourself because of such, especially if you did nothing wrong. Continue to be good and kind no matter how the world treats you. While strengthening yourself is essential to overcome life’s challenges, do not harden your heart.

Do you think this is good advice?


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My Reasons To Go Low-Carb For Life

Three months ago, I stopped consuming what was supposed to be a must-have in my every meal – rice. Actually, it was not just rice. I stopped eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Yes, I also gave up on my guilty pleasure. I gave up on sweets. Those who know my sweet tooth would be shocked how I automatically decided to give them up altogether. But, I am proud of myself because I overcame the temptations. What a feat, right? 

Others say we are torturing ourselves because we are depriving ourselves, but the truth is we are doing ourselves a big favor. We are protecting our bodies from pains that would come with the different illnesses we might develop due to unhealthy lifestyles. 

Honestly, this is not the first time I tried to follow a healthy diet. In fact, I can no longer remember my number of attempts. So, why did I push through with this one?  

  1. I realize now that I am getting older that I need to invest more in my health than ever. This diet is a preventive measure. 
  2. I got rid of the unwanted baggage (fats) that had weighed me down for a long time. Despite my persistence to get rid of them through exercise, they remained. However, they disappeared like magic after a few weeks without carbohydrates and sugar. 
  3. My energy and stamina went up many times over. This result was a plus point for me since I always need high energy in what I do. Being on this diet helps me to always be at the top of my game and not exhausted afterwards.

These reasons may not sound convincing to those looking for reasons to give up on the high-carb and sugar intake. Yet, to those who are experiencing such changes, these are very significant. 

While it might be quite an expensive diet, it is very much worth every expense. It might just save me from having medication maintenance when I grow old. I say it is short-term pain for long-term gain. For sure, your body and pocket will thank you later in life. 

Do you think this diet is worth trying?



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4 Ways of Appreciating People

I am an ardent believer in the power of appreciation, so I always put a reminder out there to practice freely giving some to others. While it would not cost you any fortune, you would be able to help another person get through a difficult time with it.

Yes, it would not cost you anything if you give it, but if you choose to forgo it, it might cost other people their great future. Why is this so? Not all people take kindly to being unappreciated. You can always advise them to control themselves, but you cannot control how they would feel and how those feelings could change them for the worse. Therefore, learn ways to save people from becoming bitter. 

  1. It is okay to reprimand but never forget to commend the good things. Why is it easy to point out the bad in people and then turn a blind eye to the good? Why don’t we practice the opposite? Wouldn’t we have a better world? People who get appreciated tend to try to live up to the goodness they were valued for. While those who are good but still criticized tend to give you what you accuse them of.
  2. Do not compare them or what they did with that of others. They would think they are not enough. When someone gives you something or does something for you, never compare it to the gesture of others because you do not know how big of a deal it is for them. They might have given you something that is not significant for you but means everything to them.
  3. Do not ask for anything else besides what they have given you. Instead of demanding more because you aren’t satisfied, thank the person sincerely for what you have received. If you request more, it means you are not satisfied or grateful for what they have given you. They might stop being their genuinely generous and loving self because of your ungratefulness.
  4. Never criticize their choices in serving and making you happy. People have different natures and capabilities. One might give you extravagant gifts to make you feel pleased, while another person might choose to spend time with you. Do not base their gifts on your preference or love language because they have their own preferences and capabilities. 

These are simple and specific ways to show appreciation to the people around you. The key to making it easy to do is learning gratefulness. A grateful heart will always speak words of appreciation, not criticism. 

How else can we show appreciation?



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