How to Maintain Happiness Despite Life’s Difficulties

We encounter different types of difficulties as we live our life day by day. We acknowledge them as part of life, but we only see them as something negative. As a result, we usually feel down when we encounter them. 

It would be a lie if I said that I don’t feel down every time I experience a challenge or what people would call a problem because I do. Among all the negative emotions I feel each time a difficulty arises, worry is the most distinctive. I usually get worried about whether I could overcome such a circumstance or not. I acknowledge that I feel such feelings, but I always do my best not to dwell on them so that I can rationally think and find solutions. On top of that, I want to go back to having a happy and healthy disposition to avoid attracting more problems. Therefore, every time I am dealing with difficulties, I do the following:

  1. I count each of my blessings, big and small. The hardships I experience become insignificant when I realize all the good things I have. As a result, I start to feel better. 
  2. I rid myself of the victim mentality. It is common for people to blame their problems on other people. Even if there are instances when other people cause my difficulties, I make an effort within myself not to blame them. Instead, I assess my shortcomings to avoid them in the future. Doing this helps me feel better than getting stuck feeling offended. 
  3. I focus on making myself and my situation better. This is the best course of action when one is faced with any challenges. Since we know that difficulties are part of life, we should know that we can overcome them, and it is up to us how to do so.  
  4. I remind myself that hardships make me stronger. I always feel better when I remind myself how previous experiences, good and bad, have helped me to become a better, stronger, and more resilient person. Therefore, when I encounter another obstacle, I remind myself of that fact again for me to see the silver lining. 
  5. I do my best to be a blessing to others and lighten their loads. Seeing other people smile never fails to warm my heart. Since I know how it feels to experience hard times, I do my best to alleviate other people’s burdens even while I am experiencing the same. In this way, I still feel happy and blessed for being able to make others happy and blessed. 

Do you find it difficult to maintain happiness when faced with difficulties? Try following the tips above. 



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The Miracle Bag

Remember last week when I had to deal with the results of a broken laptop? Well, here’s the unexpected continuation of the story. 

Last week, after contemplating what model to replace my laptop with and how to recover the important files stored there successfully, I had the sudden urge to check it from the laptop bag. My words to my wife were, “Let me check it. Maybe there’ll be a miracle.” My wife just chuckled. When I opened it and pressed the power button, we suddenly heard the miraculous power-on sound. My wife and I let out surprised gasps. We couldn’t believe our ears and eyes. The laptop that has been diagnosed as crashed has come back to life. I was so happy that time and was quite dumbfounded too. How is it possible? I kept talking about how unbelievable it was with my wife and my team to the point when my wife playfully reprimanded me that I did not need to repeat the statement a million times since she heard it the first time. Could you blame me, though? I was just overcome with joy and relief because I could finally retrieve my files. Even after a few hours after I experienced this miracle, I still couldn’t believe that I was using the actual laptop I hoped to be fixed. I smiled every time I stared at it and enjoyed every task I did with it like it was the first time.

When I pondered on it a few hours after, I attributed the happening to the miracle bag. I am not talking about the laptop bag where I stored the device. I am talking about the miracle bag that I think is kept for us, and the contents are showered upon us for when we least expect them but when we need them most. When we experience them, we immediately acknowledge them as miracles. Cynical people may say it has logical or scientific explanations. It could be accurate, but there are times when we have exhausted our options to solve the seemingly impossible challenge that we give up, and the resolution is just presented to us right there and then.

Whenever I experience situations like this, I am reminded of the saying, “When you get to your wit’s end, you will find God lives there.” I truly believe that God makes His presence known at times like this for us to remember that we can’t do it on our own and teach us important lessons. That is why I don’t wish to find logical nor scientific explanations to such phenomena because I want to revel in the blessing that God always gives. Through his blessings, He offers lessons as well. 

Do you remember the lessons I’ve learned from this experience? Yes, I took action right away and applied the lessons I had learned. I saved everything in an external drive and cloud. I did not waste the miracle. 

Have you experienced any miracles lately?

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Oh no! My computer crashed!

This year, one of our most awaited events is the Closing the Sales Mastery Intensive Training. Since January, we have been conducting a series of preview training sessions for salespeople from the insurance and real estate industries. Last week, we were successfully able to run the said event online. Though, when viewed by attendees who were not part of the team, the sessions seemed smooth-flowing, our preparations were contrary to smooth. 

A day before the big event, the laptop computer I relied on for everything, from simple tasks to heavy use (such as zoom calls), suddenly stopped working. I did not know what to do at first. All I did was stare at it for the longest time and pray for it to turn on. 

For someone who had been preparing for a significant event, that situation was nightmarish. One would simply advise me to use a different device to offer a solution, right? It shouldn’t be a challenging feat. However, besides the fact that I am not adept at using a different device since I had that laptop computer, all my important documents for the training are saved there. I did not even bother to have a backup anywhere else. Wow! I know, I was too confident. 

But, how come the training event still proceeded and ended successfully? I conditioned myself to accept the situation and moved to solve the challenge. The first thing I did was to have my device fixed. I visited the maintenance service and hoped that it would get fixed. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be the favor I hoped for. Since it still did not work, I decided to use a different device, learned how to use it, and created the files I needed for the training again. Despite the time constraints, I was able to complete the preparations. 

Though I would never wish to experience the same difficult situation again, I am grateful for that learning and testing opportunity. First, I realized that I should always have a backup plan and not rely on what I am used to. Second, I was able to practice what I always preach – do not stress about situations that are out of your control. More importantly, I have been reminded by this situation of how important it is to pull oneself up and keep moving forward.

Have you had any testing or learning opportunities lately? What are your takeaways from it? 




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That One Bad Day

Every single day, there is one thing I always hope to have and never lose as the day progresses – my enthusiasm. The moment I wake up in the morning, I follow a daily routine that could set the enthusiastic mood up in me. I love to work, therefore, I am mostly happy and excited when I am doing tasks, from routine to unexpected. I have observed that I only feel exhausted when I am done with my tasks and my body and mind are at rest. 

Tasks do not negatively affect my enthusiasm. They only make me become more energetic. However, when I receive bad news that affects me or get into a misunderstanding with other people, my mood goes down and in turn affects my entire day’s work. How? Here’s one example from the past.

One morning, I woke up early as usual and performed my daily morning routine with my team and valued clients. Naturally, this activity put me in high spirits. While having breakfast, I received an update from someone that she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her promise. It was a very important matter. I shared the news with my wife, who got disappointed and kind of lectured me about it. So the initially amicable conversation turned into an argument why I trusted the person without consulting her and so on. It ended in silencing each other the entire day. Although I continued with my tasks as usual, I noticed a difference in the way I worked that day. My enthusiasm to work swooped several notches down, and my thought process was not as smooth as it normally was. In addition, during my training that night, I was not at my 100%. I was not able to fully establish a connection with my participants. I wasn’t in a great mood and it showed. I wasn’t even capable of inserting jokes in my talk. Inadvertently, I infected other people, my tasks, and my entire day with my sour mood. Thus, I had that one bad day. In fact, I’ve had one too many of those bad days and some of them were caused by simple things that affected my mood. 

My resolution to this personal challenge is to remind myself of the consequences when I get carried away by my emotions. I ask myself, should I allow this one thing to turn my whole day into a bad one?  I have been reminded, time and time again, that we can’t control other people’s behavior or actions. What we can control is how we respond to the situation. 

Do you agree?



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