How Love is Displayed in the World of Sales

It is not once that I heard comments that refer to salespeople as self-serving. People think that the reason for the existence of the job is to promote or sell products or services to people. It is now common for people to feel that compliments given and niceties shown by salespeople to them are just a front to lure them in. This judgment is not only the cause of people’s prejudice but also the result of many salespeople’s wrong approach in selling. 

However, the reason we venture into business or enter the world of sales is not mainly to generate sales but also to solve people’s problems.

Do you wonder how you can earn the trust of the people you want to serve despite the general reputation of salespeople? You have to make sure that your priority is to serve other people right, not the price that the service entails. Once you know that your heart is in the right place, you will be capable of making them feel that you love to help them. Here are three ways to display that love:

  1. Lead people to avail the right product or service regardless of the corresponding benefit on your part as the salesperson. Even if you or the company can benefit more if your buyer would purchase a more expensive product, you should not lead him to own that product if you know that it is not what he needs or wants. 
  2. Make people feel that their concerns about the product or service are valid. It would be best not to be defensive when the buyer raises questions or concerns about the product or service he intends to avail. It is your responsibility to address those concerns and make him feel comfortable with his choice. 
  3. Walk with them from the start until whenever. Even after the purchase, you should still make yourself available to your buyer. Your service should not stop after the sale is made. Be creative in making sure you still connect with them whether they have questions or not.

These are very simple acts that you can do as a salesperson, but they can help break the stigma attached to salespeople. On a more personal level, these good practices can help you in gaining more clients. How? Through the excellent service you provided and continually provided your valued clients, you made them feel safe with you; therefore, they will refer their family and friends who need the same product or service to you in the future. 

How else can a salesperson make a client safe and loved? 




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3 Reasons Why People Change for the Better

Have you realized that almost every change in you and around you is caused by a decision made? Even some of the changes in the environment, such as climate change, are caused by people’s decision to discount the effects of carbon emissions as long as industrialization is realized. 

Though there are negative changes, there are also positive ones. I have various stories of people who decided to change for the better, and in all those people, three reasons stuck out to me that caused those changes. 

Let me set one friend of mine as an example. He had been a chain smoker since he was a teenager. He used to finish one to two boxes of cigarettes in a day. He was like that for many years. No matter who reprimanded him, he would not let go of the vice because he got so dependent on nicotine. And because of it, he got seriously ill that made him bedridden for a long time. Of course, that circumstance brought hardship to him and his family, who was depending on him. That slump led him never to go back to the destructive vice that almost cost him his life and the future of his family. 

If a life-threatening event caused that person to change, another acquaintance of mine changed because of emotional pain. This person had been in a toxic relationship with her lover for five years. She was made to suffer being abused physically, mentally, and emotionally. She endured that for a long time, but one day she realized that she could no longer accept the pain. She had been hurt too much without the chance to heal throughout those years. So, that day she finally decided to leave and let go of that relationship she was trapped in for the longest time. She agreed to allow herself to heal from the trauma.

Though I also experienced difficulties in life that moved me to specific changes, the most significant change I made was caused by inspiration from people. Throughout my life, I met many people who inspired me to become better despite the hardships. I got inspired by my family to work hard, by my teachers to strive and learn, by my mentors to continue learning, and by my friends to build more meaningful relationships.

In these three scenarios, the characters changed because of three different reasons. The first person changed because of a life-changing event that forced him to change. The second one changed because he reached the limit of his pain threshold. The third character changed because another person inspired him – other people, to be exact.

These changes might have been triggered by different emotions – from pain to inspiration, but all resulted in a better situation for the person concerned. More importantly, the changes took place because the person decided to make it happen. A person who takes such an action is indeed courageous.

For you, what could be other reasons for people to change for the better?




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Top 3 Horror Stories I Experienced as a Salesperson and as a Buyer

The word “sales” always manages to stir different emotions in me every time I hear or utter it. It has become a vital part of my life since I chose to pursue a career in this field, from being a salesperson to being a sales trainer. Therefore, the topic of sales makes me happy and excited. Yet, at the same time, it brings out unpleasant memories as well. 

Having been a salesperson, and a consumer at the same time,  for many years allowed me to gain many bad experiences related to it. Here are a few of them:

  1. A prospective client ghosted me. This ordeal did not only happen once but many times. Several times in my life as a salesperson, I experienced being left hanging without knowing the reason. Being in this career entails a lot of disappointment, such as being ghosted. One has to endure the pain of broken promises. Yes, buyers can also break a salesperson’s heart by suddenly changing their minds or by deciding to disappear. We should not let this dampen our spirits and become hopeless. We should use this kind of story to motivate ourselves to become better salespeople that prospective clients want to have lasting relationships with.  
  2. A mall salesperson kept following me around like a stalker. I believe I am not the only one who experienced this kind of treatment by salespeople. As a salesperson myself, I could understand their desire to make a sale. However, as a customer, being followed around makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me feel pressured to purchase something that I might necessarily not need or want to own. This kind of selling behavior is pushy and will more likely lead a salesperson to lose customers than gain sales. 
  3. My prospective client suddenly zoned out as if gone out to another world. In the past, I often got worried about my future clients while I talked to them because they seemed to be somewhere else while being physically there with me. What would you feel when in the middle of your discussion, the other person no longer responds? I would usually think that the customer has not heard anything I had talked about and that the long time I spent talking was useless. It took me a long time to realize that it was my fault for not involving my prospect in the conversation. Instead of asking them questions to know what they need or want, I unconsciously made them uncertain about the service I offered them. 

You see, many horror stories happen in the world of sales between a salesperson and a customer. With these stories that I shared, the horror occurred because of the salesperson’s failure – failure to prove credibility, failure to make the customers feel safe, and failure to identify what the customers need or want.

While experiencing undesirable situations is inevitable, it does not mean that we can do nothing to prevent it from happening again. To become a better salesperson, you should know how to serve your customers better and equip yourself with knowledge and skills to help you do so. 

How about you? What horror stories have you experienced throughout your time as a salesperson?



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3 Steps to Tap Your True Potential

Sometimes people are not aware of their capabilities. They often go through life wondering why they’re not making progress nor succeeding with their work. People who experience such a slump would usually think that they were destined to fail in life. Thoughts like “why can’t I do it like how that person does it?”, “what does that person have that I don’t?” or “am I not good enough?” would pester their minds and would cause worries and frustration.  

The reality, however, is that they just have not realized or brought out their true potential. So how do you tap on that potential?

  1. You should know what you truly want in life. Some might say that they’re doing or fulfilling something because they want it, but in reality, they’re just trying to follow what society or their family dictates or expects of them. If you are doing what other people want you to do, there is a slight possibility that you are enhancing your strength. The person who knows you the most is yourself because you can feel what your natural inclinations are or what your strengths are. Therefore, discover what you want by assessing yourself first. Look inside yourself. Do not allow other people’s opinions to influence your preferences. 
  2. You must be in a peak state of mind. Once you discover what you truly want to do or fulfill, you have to ensure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to face any challenges that may come along your journey. You also have to be passionate, energetic, and confident. Without these traits, you will probably give up when faced with even a slight difficulty. 
  3. Be flexible and creative. It is also important to note that a particular strength or talent may fit different areas of specialization. If you are a person who is talented in writing, for example, you may work in either news and public affairs or filmmaking. However, you should also take your preferences into account when choosing which field to pursue. If you are interested in fiction more than news and current affairs, then there is a possibility that you will be less productive if you work as a news writer. With the awareness that you love fiction, you should focus on that genre rather than be demotivated because of failing to be effective in other areas. 

In a nutshell, the best of you is just a matter of bringing out the best in you. You already have everything you need to succeed inside of you. You have to dig deeper, assess yourself, and let go of other people’s judgments. To do so, you have to remember that we are all born to have strengths, not just weaknesses. Most importantly, we were born with free will. Therefore, we can choose what to do with what we are blessed with. 

How about you? Have you already tapped your true potential?

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