My Top 5 Daily Distractions and How I Deal with Them

No matter how focused a person is on his or her daily tasks, he or she is still prone to distractions that lead to unproductivity. Distraction is especially inevitable now that we are in the age when technology and innovation are commonplace, and everyone can get easy access. 

In my daily life, as someone who works at home and without a boss, my time is my own. I do not need to report to anyone. Nobody will reprimand me if I do not do my tasks. However, I have to follow a routine and complete tasks to continuously work on my mission. Yet, given that I have freedom of my time, I tend to succumb to distractions. Here are the most common things that distract me. 

  1. Social media is not something I can avoid because it has a vital role in my business. However, a disadvantage is that I also tend to get carried away and linger in it unnecessarily. To prevent me from wasting time on it, I consciously assign a specific time to check social media for essential purposes. 
  2. Minor troubles that happen in my personal life from time to time are also one of the causes that I get distracted. Instead of focusing on the essential tasks that I have set beforehand, I usually divert my attention to the sudden challenge that also causes me stress. To get back to my focus, I ask myself whether the current challenge needs to be attended to first or if it is more important than my other tasks. I make sure to add it to my list of tasks based on their importance.
  3. Every time I scroll my social media timeline, I usually find news and controversies that, more often than not, manage to catch my attention. Because of it, I tend to read more or research more about the issue, which mostly does not even concern me or my business. To address this distraction, I make sure not to check my social media timeline before completing my routine and tasks. 
  4. When engrossed with tasks, ideas would suddenly pop into my head, such as concepts for new training programs or new projects. These ideas would usually trigger my focus to be diverted to working on them instead of completing the tasks at hand. To manage my time well, I take note of the idea and go back to it once done with my priorities. I always tell myself that such sudden ideas can wait and are not as crucial as my current activities or tasks.
  5. Conducting training sessions almost every day causes me to always think about my delivery of each presentation. I tend to repeat the training sequence in my head and think if I delivered it the right way or not. For me, it is not helpful if I spend more time overthinking. However, I made this habit into something beneficial by taking note of what didn’t work or what I can improve next time and use the information to make my subsequent training sessions better. 

Instead of indulging myself in all the distractions of my daily life, I do my best and do whatever it takes to help myself turn away from them. If we condition ourselves that we have to focus on the essential things, we can have the determination to fight such temptations. If we can’t avoid it, we have to find a way around it at the very least. 

How about you? What usually distracts you from doing your tasks? Are you able to manage it? 



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If I Could Go Back to the Past

It would be hypocrisy if I’d say I wouldn’t want to change anything in the past if given the opportunity. There were actions, decisions, and occurrences in the past that made me feel regretful – that I do not deny. 

On the other hand, no matter how seemingly convenient time-turning could be, it could actually be fatal for people. Why? We, humans, learn through experience and especially from mistakes we commit. We can grow and develop our personalities and characters, which allow us to survive the ever-changing world because of all our experiences, good and bad – without exception. If we can go back in time to correct mistakes or avoid certain events from happening, we would definitely not grow. And, would life be fun that way? I don’t think so. 

It is not entirely wrong to feel regretful about the past, nor is it a sin to wish for time to be revisited. We are entitled to have such a feeling and desire. However, obsessing over that regret by constantly thinking about it is definitely not good. Instead of focusing on improvement, our minds become busy with unnecessary thoughts. We can use those incidents, though, not as material for a pity party, but for making a plan and improving ourselves. 

For instance, one of the things I regret the most is not spending more time with my grandparents. Needless to say, if I could go back in time, I would definitely give them more time, learn more from their life experience, and show them my love and care. This shortcoming made me realize that we may suddenly lose the people we love, so we must make sure to make them feel our love before it’d be too late for us to express our feelings. Through this experience, I decided to put in extra effort to be closer to my family and friends amidst my busy schedule. 

Another decision that I would have wanted to change was spending time doing meaningless things. There had been many times when I lost focus on my studies and my work. Because of those, I lost several opportunities. After regretting my actions back then, I decided to always focus on the essential things and avoid distractions so that I wouldn’t regret missing opportunities. 

Besides previous actions and decisions, I would want to turn back time to choose who I surround myself with. A lot of my mistakes in the past were caused by bad influences. If I could go back in time, I would choose to be around people who have a positive mindset to make sound decisions as well. Yet again, through this experience, I learned that I need to stay away from toxic people. 

Indeed, if I could go back in time, I would correct all of these choices and more. Indeed, I regretted making all those decisions and actions. Indeed, I could only wish. Yet, I embrace this feeling of regret because it opened my eyes to many lessons about life. Therefore, I am and will always be grateful for those past experiences. Besides, if I go back to the past and change one thing, I will not be where I am today.

How about you? If you could go back in time, what would you want to change?

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Participants of our training sessions usually ask me where I get my energy, which, according to them, is seemingly inexhaustible. According to a number of them, one of the factors that surprise them is the energy that I usually can maintain even after hours of training. 

Naturally, the human body gains its energy from eating healthy, exercising regularly, and resting well. However, these are not the only factors that help me achieve the energy and readiness to face every training and coaching I conduct.  

I get my energy from my passion coupled with preparation. I do not just prepare a few hours before. I prepare days ahead, sometimes even months. As they say, effort does not betray the results. To be specific, here are the preparations I regularly do to ensure that I am wholly ready to train: 

  1. I take time to exercise every single day. Even when I have a hectic schedule, I do not give up the time to do this physical activity. Exercising is part of my routine and my energy-boosting plan. Years ago, I decided to include exercise as one of the non-negotiable activities I do every day.
  2. I never miss my morning routine. This activity, which I have shared and discussed many times in my training sessions and blogs, consists of meditating, journaling, and declaring. Ever since I started this morning plan, it has become one of the sources of my vigor. It keeps me motivated every day. 
  3. I prepare the materials I use for the training myself. When I know how each of the materials works, I feel a sense of assurance that the training flow will be smooth. With this sense of security, I can relax my mind and preserve more energy. 
  4. I always practice. I do not rely on the fact that I know the topics of my training by heart. Preparing an outline of what I would deliver and doing a run-through of it is part of my list of must-dos long before the scheduled training sessions. I still continuously practice and improve, although I have already undergone quite a lot of sessions. 
  5. I never forget to say a prayer before I start every training session. As a human being, I can feel tired or even sick at certain times and even during scheduled training sessions. When this happens, the preparations I mentioned will not suffice to make me have the strength to perform. I am only able to overcome such challenges when I pray for guidance and seek strength from God. 

Although it took me a long time to adjust to achieve the momentum I have in conducting sales training, I am still grateful. Because of all the experiences, I was able to learn more and enhance myself and my work. I was able to identify ways to make things better. 

We have to note that if we are in sales or business, to be productive and help more people solve their challenges, we must have a high level of energy plus consistent action. My mentor Blair Singer said, “When two people come together in a selling situation, whoever has the highest energy usually wins.” That’s correct. Whatever we do, we should know that we can achieve excellence through hard and smart work and enough preparation.


Top 5 Benefits When You Do Good in Sales

Being in the sales industry does not yield the same results for everyone. Some reap a bountiful harvest from the effort they exert, the investment they put in, and the time they invest in working in it. However, a lot more salespeople struggle in earning decently in this field. 

It is not just about the financial aspect that makes a salesperson’s life rewarding, though. When you really know what it means to be a salesperson and your roles and responsibilities, you will enjoy the benefits that come with it. Here are the top five benefits you would enjoy when you do what is proper for a salesperson.

  1. Your relationships with your valued clients turn into friendships. Meeting new people, of course, is one thing that is inevitable for a salesperson. But the best part of it is when those new people become your valued clients, and the professional relationship is cultivated to become a closer one – friendship. In essence, you will also get the chance to learn from your valued clients.
  2. Your sales and communication skills improve. Being able to communicate with people with different personalities and characteristics all the time can make a salesperson very skilled in speaking, listening and asking. In addition, after dealing with different kinds of prospective clients and their objections, you become more and more knowledgeable and experienced in turning those objections around. 
  3. Your networks and referrals grow. When you as a salesperson do what is right in this industry, you will not need to look for new clients. The valued clients you serve well and maintain a great relationship with will help you find new clients. In essence, your clients are helping you share your mission with the people they know or love. That’s a great way to grow your network.
  4. Your personality develops positively. Working as a salesperson properly will help you develop self-discipline, total commitment, positive attitude, and unstoppable passion that you can apply in your life. Cultivating these qualities can make you have an excellent reputation not only as a salesperson but also as a human being. With that, you will be the preferred choice in your industry.
  5. Your income increases without pressure. If you focus on your mission of helping people achieve what they want or solve other people’s problems, you will surely succeed in sales. In other words, an increase in income will follow naturally. But suppose you focus on making money and not on the roles and responsibilities of a salesperson. In that case, the tendency is you will find it even more difficult to obtain financial stability in the field. 

It isn’t sincere to say that we should not use money to be in the sales industry because, after all, humans work to earn a living. However, money should not only be the focus of everything. We are not only here to survive and serve our own needs. We are given individual abilities that allow us to be in specific fields to fulfill roles that will also benefit other people. Therefore if you have the skills fit to be a salesperson, your purpose is to serve others while also fulfilling your own needs as a person. 

Do you agree with this? Feel free to put your comments below.

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5 Simple Things You Must Do to Stay Healthy

Among all aspects of a person’s life, I believe that health should be given the most importance. Paying attention to our health does not necessarily involve complicated and expensive actions like regularly going to the doctor for a checkup. What we can do to help ourselves have good health involves simple steps that we can definitely fulfill on our own. These steps can even be considered as prevention from contracting a disease rather than cure.  

  1. Drink lots of water every day. Who doesn’t know that every human being and other creatures need water to survive? It is not something that should be included in trivia. However, do all of us know why we should be religious in drinking water daily? Its function is more than just to quench thirst. It helps in making our brains and other body parts function correctly. Have you noticed what happens to your body when dehydrated? Right, we cannot function properly. Besides that, water also helps the body clean itself of waste inside. 
  2. Eat healthy meals on time. The food we consume matters a lot. We do not only eat to satisfy our hunger. We eat to give our body the proper nutrition to function correctly, so we need to give our body the right food to provide us with those nutrients. Consuming healthy food is not enough, though. We should also maintain a proper eating schedule to make sure that our digestive system works properly. 
  3. Exercise regularly. Exercise helps us not only in strengthening our muscles but also in burning calories. Through exercise, we help our body get rid of fats and reduce the risks of heart-related diseases. In addition, it can also help our body in taking out the toxins from within through perspiration. 
  4. Have a healthy sleeping habit. Why is sleep important? Sleep is essential naturally because it’s the opportunity for our body to rest. During sleep, our body repairs itself and recovers from weariness. If we do not allow the body to have adequate sleep, we wear it down quickly, and it becomes more susceptible to diseases because it becomes weak. 
  5. Feed your mind with positive things. Positive thinking is critical if we want to protect our health. Why? Because thinking of the opposite will only give us stress and worry. When we are stressed or worried, our brain refuses to function correctly, affecting all the other parts of our body. 

At times like this, it is much more necessary for us to be cautious in maintaining our health to ensure that our immune system is at its peak. All the ways mentioned above may seem very normal, but all these significantly impact our body’s health. We need to be reminded of these from time to time because we also tend to neglect them. Are there other tips that we can add to this list? 



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