To Plan or Not to Plan

Should we plan for our future or not? Many people say that it is not good to plan life because it is unpredictable – there might be no more tomorrow. So, they believe that it isn’t wise. Why not just go through it every day without thinking about anything else that has not happened yet? 

I once had a close friend who was way too relaxed about his life. He usually skips school and not for important reasons at all – he prioritized comfort over his studies. As a friend, I advised him to take his education seriously for his future. His response surprised me and got me pondering, too. He said that his hard work would not mean anything if he suddenly died the next day since we cannot foretell future happenings. That statement really affected me, and I thought of relaxing more and not working harder for the future. The good thing is I realized later on that, like how we cannot predict if we’d die the next day, we also cannot expect that our life might still be very long. 

Throughout the years, I realized through firsthand experience and adult influence that humans exist for a purpose. Each one has the purpose of fulfilling their role in the world. This purpose, of course, cannot be fulfilled without effort. That is why we should plan, and here are the reasons why we should plan and not just leave everything be:

  1. Planning allows us to live life to the fullest because there will be less wasted time. 
  2. Planning guides us to hit our target destination in life or our purpose. 
  3. Planning allows us to achieve our goals because we identify and follow the steps that would lead us to achieve those goals.
  4. Planning helps us to be grateful because it helps us to see our achievements.  
  5. Planning provides clarity and gives us peace of mind.

I do not think we are given life just to survive. The proof is, there are consequences to each action we take, and we feel different emotions when we experience those emotions. We are here to achieve our purpose for us to feel the ultimate fulfillment. Thus, we need to find ways and plan how to fulfill our purpose in life regardless of the uncertainty. If we die tomorrow, at least we will not regret not doing anything to make life worthwhile. 

Do you agree with me on this? 




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Ways to Having Healthy Working Relationships

What kind of person wants to work in a toxic environment? Of course, there is no one. I believe that everyone wants to be part of a workforce that is full of positivity. Yes, it is impossible for problems not to arise in the team. However, there are ways that the impact will be lessened. The most important way is to maintain healthy working relationships. 

Now, we know that people have different personalities, characteristics, beliefs, and values. But, there are ways that each person that is part of a team or organization can do to compromise. Here are the ways to do so:

  1. Respect everyone’s privacy. More often than not, people who work together get very close and familiar with each other, especially when they start to share experiences. While this is not a bad thing, we should never forget to put a boundary. If one party is not willing to share something, we should never force them. 
  2. Avoid any forms of gossip. Cheap talk does not only lead to a waste of time, but it also leads to cracks in relationships. It is a hindrance to creating a harmonious working relationship.
  3. Be a good team player and do your tasks well. Each team member has different roles and responsibilities, yes, but cooperation is needed for the common goal to be achieved. We should always make sure that we are not weighing down the group’s productivity by missing to perform our tasks or refusing to work with others. 
  4. Accept constructive criticisms gracefully. Being able to handle and use feedback is essential not only in improving ourselves and our performance. It is also vital in creating a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere in the workplace.
  5. Communicate your concerns politely. Misunderstanding often occurs when a message is not conveyed the right way. Even when reprimanding someone, the possibility of the other party being offended is less if the message is conveyed nicely or politely. In this way, negative emotions will not get easily triggered.
  6. Follow the rules of the team. Conflicts typically arise when members of a team do not conform to regulations that are in place. Who would be happy when you are religiously following the rules to avoid trouble or problem in the team only to see others not complying at all? 
  7. Maintain a positive attitude in every situation. Being faced with loads of work every day makes people stressed, whether they choose to feel it or not. However, allowing stress to affect your mood and attitude will not only affect you, but it will also affect the people you work with. Therefore, we should always try to lighten our mood to make the environment conducive for working productively.
  8. Be willing to help and support your teammates. Working in a team means helping one another. A team has a common goal. When one member cannot fulfill his or her tasks well, don’t you think you wouldn’t be affected? Helping and supporting a teammate will lead to a great working environment and lead to more productivity. 
  9. Avoid laying blames when a task goes wrong. Mistakes or failures are expected. Committing one can happen to anyone. We should bear this in mind when working with others. Instead of blaming others when something goes wrong, we might as well work together to solve the problem. 
  10. Appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions. Acknowledging good work creates motivation. When people work hard – especially when they get great results – they become more motivated and inspired to do better when appreciated. This can make them work harder, and they will also become happier to work with and for the team.

Indeed, some things are out of our control, yet we control how we react to those uncontrollable circumstances. It may take us a lot of effort, but we should learn to compromise to have a great relationship with the people around us, whether at home or work. 

Do you think these pieces of advice are helpful?




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6 Things We Should Learn from Children

During our childhood years, we were conditioned to act and think like adults. We did not realize that we should not lose some of our childlike nature because those are important when we go through our adult years. We tend to get rid of all those thinking that those will hinder us from being mature and responsible adults through the years. 

I believe that for us to get through life, we need to learn or relearn the following things that are inherent in children:

  1. Never be afraid to ask questions. One way that a child fills his or her mind is by satisfying his or her curiosity by asking questions. This supposed helpful act usually disappears when the child goes to school and subconsciously learns (a mistake) that asking questions means one is stupid. Afraid of being judged for not knowing anything, we now tend to keep quiet even rather than ask questions. How can we grow if we pretend to know all? We should never be afraid to ask questions like a curious child. 
  2. Get excited always. As we grow older, we become more and more reserved with our emotions. We lack enthusiasm even about huge things. We must be excited like a child over a new career, a new project, or other achievements. Remember, excitement and motivation give us the driving force and play a significant role in achieving our dreams.
  3. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Initially, children do whatever they want out of curiosity since they do not know the consequences. Yet, when they feel the result after doing the act, they learn to do or not to do it again. Adults should also be like that – never afraid of taking risks to learn. The more mistakes we encounter, the more lessons we learn. And the more lessons we learn, the more we improve ourselves.
  4. Find happiness in the minor things you do. Have you noticed how a child can be ecstatic when given candy or when seeing something for the first time? On the contrary, adults rarely even show happiness when obtaining small or significant achievements. As we grow older, we become harder to please. It is a choice. If we are grateful, we should be able to be happy even with the smallest thing. That is a secret to happiness. 
  5. Ask for help when you need it. Just like how unhesitant they are to ask questions, children also tend never to hesitate to ask for help from others when they need it. Adults should also continue to have this will because nobody is perfect and can do everything. We need help. We need each other. To achieve what we want, we must seek help or guidance, particularly from people who have experienced unbelievable challenges and breakthroughs after breakthroughs.
  6. Dream big and be fearless. Do you still remember what your dream was when you were still a child? I believe most of us had such big dreams, and we’re not afraid of not fulfilling them. However, as we grew older, we became cynical due to the different factors and struggles we experienced, resulting in our dreams diminishing. This act of giving up led us to take minimal effort because we changed to dreams that we think are more achievable. This should not be the case. Let us continue to dream big because only then will we dare to take big actions. 

Indeed growing is a must. However, we need to remain childlike to enjoy the wonders of life. While we continue to grow and acquire new knowledge, skills, and experiences, we should not forget to retain our childlikeness. Do you agree? 

What else do you think we can learn from children? 

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35 Life and Career Quotes I Live By

A while back, I attended a training wherein the trainer shared how he keeps a notebook with him all the time to write down inspirational adages he sees or quotes he comes up with based on his experiences. I realized then that doing so does make sense and may come in handy in the future. We should not discount the wisdom that comes with quotes that people develop because it is the product of their every experience. This kind of wisdom can help in motivating ourselves and other people as well.

Recently, I turned 35 years old, and in those years, I have learned a lot about life as a whole. Since it is my mission to inspire other people to live life to the fullest and achieve great results in whatever they do, I am sharing 35 quotes of mine. These quotes are from all the different experiences I have had in this life so far, whether it be in my career or personal life. 

  1. “Passion gives you energy. Discipline gets you there. Attitude brings you to the next level.”
  2.  “The moment we compare ourselves with other people and focus on what we do not have is the moment we allow ourselves to feel unhappy.
  3.  “When you’re facing problems in life, learn to humble yourself and ask for help or support. Remember, your pride and ego will only trap you with your problems.”
  4.  “Taking small steps every single day is always better than just thinking of doing it.”
  5.  “Stay strong amid adversity. You never know who you are inspiring to see the light in their dark moments.”
  6.  “Whatever product or service you offer, always put your heart into it and do it with high energy.”
  7.  “If you want to elevate your results in life, always invest in yourself and take massive actions. Follow this pattern for your growth.”
  8.  “There’s no such thing as bad salespeople. They are just untrained salespeople who need to be trained.”
  9.  “If you keep on receiving the ‘price is too much objection, it is a reflection of your belief about your product. In other words, you believe that your product is expensive. Change your belief.”
  10.  “If you’re not serious about investing in yourself, you’re not serious about elevating your results.”
  11.  “Always remember and give credit to the people who helped you, supported your journey, and stayed with you from the beginning.”
  12.  “Every goal you want to achieve in life requires a different version of yourself.”
  13.  “You have to change your perspective to see that every opportunity, big or small, is a blessing. “
  14.  “When people pull you down, ignore them. When people pull you up, thank them. Know where to invest your time and feelings.”
  15.  “Don’t complain about your results. Your results come from your habits, decisions, and actions.”
  16.  “You are not in the business of giving information and hoping people to buy. You are in the business of asking questions and leading people to take action.”
  17.  “If we work without a mission, we can’t achieve what we want to achieve. But when we work with a mission, not only can we achieve what we want to achieve, but we can also celebrate wins and be grateful for them.”
  18.  “Faith requires trust. Trust requires actions.”
  19.  “There is no such thing as the perfect life. Yet, one can still be genuinely happy by living a fulfilling life.”
  20.  “Always think, speak and act positively in negative situations.”
  21.  “Closed deals and referrals are proof that clients are happy, satisfied, and they feel that you care for them.”
  22.  “Learn new things, not gossip. Take actions, not judgments. Make results, not promises. Enjoy success, not dramas.”
  23.  “Acknowledge promises, not efforts. Appreciate efforts, not promises. Reward results, not promises nor effort.”
  24.  “Self-discipline means taking away all the excuses and doing what you should do whatever it takes.”
  25.  “Don’t just pray for success. Be intentional about achieving it.”
  26.  “When your heart is in the right place, other people’s opinions about you won’t matter.”
  27.  “Never allow yourself to be stuck in the past, nor worry about the future. Instead, live your life today with faith, love, and kindness for tomorrow may never come.”
  28.  “No matter how good you are to others, there are people who think otherwise. Never let that change you. Just continue to be good and love others as God loves you.”
  29.  “In any relationship, not honoring a commitment is a sign of disrespect.”
  30.  “Time is too precious to waste on proving yourself to others.”
  31.  “Wealth, fame, and power can never equal the joy that comes from serving others.”
  32.  “You can be the instrument for others to see God’s goodness.”
  33.  “If you are passionate about what you do, you are unstoppable.”
  34.  “Being content doesn’t mean that we stop growing and hoping. It simply means that we’re happy and grateful for every blessing.”
  35.  “The best way to feel rich, happy, and abundant is to count all the gifts, blessings, and opportunities you have that money can’t buy.”

While it is true that each one of us has a different journey from one another, we cannot deny the fact that we can also learn from each other’s experiences. My intention for sharing these quotes is to remind people of how wonderful life is. With all its highs and lows, life can be a beautiful journey if we choose it. 

Which one of these quotes can you relate to? Comment your answer below.

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