Training and Development: Why is it Essential in an Organization?

According to 42nd US President, William J. Clinton, “education no longer stops on graduation day.” Since change is the only thing that is constant, we humans should learn to be able to adjust in order to cope. Completing a degree should not be seen as the end of learning and be used as an assurance or basis for a person’s excellence in the field that will be pursued. The fact that learning needs to be continuous in order to achieve excellence in career should be embraced. This is very important to be realized by not only the individual but also by business owners or leaders of organizations. Employers just can’t expect that since they chose to hire applicants with great credentials, they’re good to go. Leaders should bear the responsibility to afford training and development for their team.

Training should not only be done as a sort of orientation to the nature of the job before starting – it should be a constant thing. What aspects should be trained and developed in every individual then? All individuals and companies need training in personal development, leadership, customer service, and business skills.

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Personal development involves training and activities that would help develop the character of a person, bring out one’s full potential, learn to work effectively with others, and strive for excellence as a mission not only for oneself but for everyone in the team. A true leader knows that this aspect is very important when aiming for a bigger vision. If only the leader knows the organization’s vision and mission by heart, that leader is just like leading a group of blind mice whose main purpose is just to survive. The seed of passion must be planted in them to make them realize the importance of what they are doing. Personal development training will lead them to realize their why, their true potential, and their accountability in the organization’s achievement of its vision and mission.

Having established the importance of a leader in an organization, it is therefore necessary to point that leadership training is equally necessary. The role of a leader is very crucial in ensuring that the organization is on the right path towards its goals. A leader does not only direct the team on what to do, but he/she should also set a good example to them. It is also important to note that every person has a different personality and different views, thus, a leader should learn various ways that can be employed in dealing with these differences within the team. These ways can be only learned through leadership training.

On the same hand, customer service training is equally important. In our first article, the need for a great customer service was thoroughly discussed. Not everyone has it in their nature to have people skills due to different factors. This does not mean, however, that some people are not capable of providing good customer service. Everything is learnable. Thus, leaders should make it a point to invest in customer service training for their team. Standards in this aspect should be properly set in order for the organization to be on the same page when dealing with clients. Customer service training will be able to solve any gap in execution. Why is customer service training important? Well, customer service has a big impact on the retention and loyalty of clients that produces good numbers in sales and great return in general. That is a big enough reason to invest money and time on it.

Another important training that leaders should engage their team in is business skills’ development. Prior knowledge and skills acquired from school, and early training can propel one towards a certain point of one’s career. This is true. However, as was said, change is constant. A lot of knowledge and skills which were previously thought to be indispensable are now considered obsolete due to recent discoveries and innovations. If the knowledge and skills of the team will not be enhanced to fit these changes, it will lead to not only their downfall but to the organization’s as well.

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Some may say that it’s okay not to invest in the development of the old team members because new and advanced ones can replace them anyway. Yet, will the vision of the organization materialize if there is no loyalty between leaders and their team? I believe not. Once a team is built, make that team grow in knowledge, skills, strength, dedication, passion, discipline and attitude. Surely, success will follow.

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Are You Suited for Online Business?

The impact of the CoVid-19 pandemic is felt not only because of the overwhelming increase of mortality rate but, is also felt in the sudden drop of the economy – business closures and unemployment. Within the past five months, countless businesses big and small declared bankruptcy and either let go of the majority of their employees or closed down for good. Even before this pandemic, employees are always at the mercy of their employers. It just took some of us to realize that employees will be the first to be sacrificed when things go haywire.

If you are one of those who lost their job, it’s time to do something. Why don’t we go back to the concept of trading? Early human civilization started that way. The advantage that we have at the moment is technology. Since most people are bound to stay indoors, they spend the majority of the time on their phones, specifically on their social media platforms. Instead of being just a consumer of social media, why don’t you take advantage of it to earn a living? Build your own business online. One can sell products and services online. We are only limited by our own beliefs which result in our incapacity to see possibilities and lack of self-esteem.

Probably bugged by your cautious mind, you will find a lot of excuses not to engage in online business. Questions like, “do I have something to offer?”, “who would buy from me?”, or “aren’t there a lot of online sellers already?” will possibly plague you when you think about the idea. These are normal. Anyone who started something new all had their share of uncertainty and fear. However, this should not be used as an excuse not to even try. Remind yourself why you need to do it. Now, let us start addressing the possible questions in your mind that can more likely stop you from taking a step.

First is the question of not knowing what you can offer to consumers. Why don’t you start by identifying what you are good at? If you are an amazing cook, then sell your homemade specialty. If you know a supplier of essential or other products, strike a deal and be a retailer. You can even offer services such as tutorials now that schools are adopting distance learning, and parents need help in ensuring the quality of their children’s education. There are a lot of possible products and services that one can offer online nowadays. You just have to use your imagination and think outside the box.

Second is the questions of who would avail your product or service. Well, we cannot answer this unless we show what we can offer. In the past, we did not realize that we need food delivery services until a food business owner thought of offering it. We did not realize that we like to be able to shop without needing to go out of the comfort of our home until online shops became a thing. So you see, people actually develop particular needs and wants when they see it and realize it is possible. That product or service you are thinking of might be available in other far off places but not in your community yet. Your neighbors are just waiting.

Third is the question of competition. This is not a question because competition is a part of the business. You can address this by ensuring that the quality of your product or service is exemplary and incomparable. Make sure that you have excellent customer service even if you consider your business small-scale.

You may encounter a lot of struggles in establishing your online business but didn’t you face the same level of difficulty in other areas of your life? Embrace the challenges that come with it and always go back to why you need to engage in the business. Ask yourself these questions: “If I wouldn’t do something to earn, how will I survive? How will I feed my family? Is it right for me to just depend on the government?”. We face a crisis that causes uncertainty to anyone – even the most powerful people on the planet. We do not know if we still have work to go back to after this. We should learn how to survive and thrive no matter what challenges we may encounter. In times when we can only be at home, going online is the key. Don’t wait for the storm to be over. Don’t wait for the clouds to be clear. Don’t wait for help. Do something before it’s too late for you to act.

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5 Books to Read While on Quarantine

Time is what we have in abundance at this time when most of us are confined inside the comforts of our homes. Time that we can either waste by lying down or use by doing anything productive such as reading books. Books are true wonders – they transport readers to different worlds, they activate imaginations, they enlighten minds, they educate, they inspire, they motivate. To retain hope, find inspiration, and build confidence, here are five book recommendations for you:


The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.
Books to Read in Quarantine
This faith-based book already sold over 32 million copies. It is like a daily devotional book, but instead of 365 days, readers journey with it for 40 days. This is highly recommended especially for those who experience existential crises, and for those who just choose to aimlessly survive. This book affirms the importance of having a relationship with the Creator. Most importantly, it helps one to discover the purpose of human existence here on Earth. Personally, this book aligned my faith to the true foundation. It also reminded me why I am here on earth, why I do what I do, and the things that I need to fulfill. This is indeed a transformative book.


The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.
The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.
“The one thing” that made this book a New York Times bestseller is definitely the practicality and applicability of its contents that breeds immediate results. In an age when anyone can assume many roles and responsibilities, the risk of getting caught in between and in confusion is high. This book will help one how to have less negativity and more productivity. In my experience, this book helped me to focus on one thing. I have discovered that when I start to focus on one thing in my career, business and other areas in my life, I began achieving things that I want. When I give my focus to one thing, I can definitely finish or accomplish the tasks/goals with undivided attention. I believe that if I try to do multiple things at the same time, I would end up unproductive, unsatisfied, or even confused because my focus is divided.


Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini.
Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini.
This piece could be a gem for people whose line of work involves influencing, convincing or persuading others. It presents a different approach. It contains how one can influence, convince or persuade by changing the direction of the audience’s thinking since changing the latter’s mind is proven to be difficult. This book also has challenging terminologies that one rarely encounters but these do not make the context less understandable. Enriching your vocabulary is an added bonus when reading this book. The process contained in this book helped me in my career as a trainer and facilitator because I learned how to understand why people respond or react to a particular situation without judging them and how important it is to say certain things and take specific actions, as well as how I can harness the same ideas to master the art of persuasion. This book taught me why people are receptive to messages before they encounter them.


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Following the easy steps recommended in this book, one will surely find each morning a miracle. This book instructs one to have the habit of daily goal setting, meditation, and exercise. This book really helped me with my daily routine. The time I joined the Blair Singer Training Academy (BSTA), this book was introduced to me. I realized that the reason successful people get what they want is simply because of their daily routine in addition to their skills or talents. When I started the HABITS I got from this book and became consistent about it, my life became so meaningful. It makes me excited every single day. It leads me to where I wanna go and who I want to be. Life goals will surely become more achievable with the help of this book.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

The techniques to obtaining success may not have been given verbatim in this book, but one will surely realize the power of the human mind and its importance to the achievement of one’s goals. After knowing the stories of different successful people from rags to riches, from average to greatness, I got the affirmation that my belief is true – that our family background, our painful experiences, nor our hard life is not a hindrance to success. We can always achieve our goals when we anchor our life on the right mindset and the right beliefs.

Surely there are a lot of other interesting and inspiring books to read out there, but these recommended books have really resonated with me and still help me in my personal and professional life. I have experienced breakthroughs because of these books. Needless to say, the lessons that I got from these books are few of the reasons that I still keep going even when hope seems lost.

Yes, resources are highly limited at this time but time is our friend, so let us use it wisely. Boredom and hopelessness are our foes but let us not allow such to bring us down. We must help ourselves in any possible way we can. Let us overcome this challenge with new learning that will propel us further in life. Start it by reading on these book recommendations.

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Pandemic: What Can We Do?

In a time when everyone is helpless and defenseless against an unseen enemy, it is easy to fall prey to fear. This feeling is valid, especially that millions of lives had been lost already. It’s like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie and makes one wonder if the plot will still thicken. Fear then intensifies. But, should we really succumb to fear and stay idle until it’s over?

It is often said that what you think and declare, you attract. This means that if we continue to put importance to the problem, we are giving it power over us. Why don’t we focus on positive and beneficial things instead of moping continuously? This does not mean that we pretend it does not exist nor consider it as a threat, we just have to make ourselves productive.

Yes, seeing how this crisis turned out and continues to be a menace despite efforts to subdue it, we cannot tell when we can go back to normal. In addition, being productive these days is quite challenging. However, it is not because we are quarantined, but because we have found an excuse not to be. Let’s fight our laziness. Let’s make use of all the time we have now to do something we can’t do in normal conditions. Read the books you got from a book sale that are still sealed. Write the story that has been lingering in your mind for a long time now. Master that skill you have always wanted to learn. Conduct a general cleaning in your home. Work on that DIY project you have been wanting to do. Attend online seminars or training that can enhance your knowledge and skills in your career. If you are up for it, sell online. If you can, send help to those who are in need.

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There are a variety of things we can focus on even inside our homes. We can be productive, we can make a living, and we can help others. We can do all these things and keep ourselves healthy, rather than focus on the problem and risk ourselves of depression.

We are a part of the fight to end this crisis. Let us help our government and our front liners by staying home, fending ourselves and our families, and enhancing ourselves to become ready to help the economy again after this pandemic is over.

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