Don’t Sell Your Product or Service Until You Read These Facts

Do you agree with the notion that sales is the most important role in a business? According to Henry Ford “nothing happens until someone sells something”, and I believe this to be true. People would not know that they need a product or service unless someone shows it to them. This is the reason for a salesperson job to exist. I could imagine how people loved salespeople before because of the new products and services they introduced that brought convenience and comfort to their lives. Nowadays, however, I have observed how salespeople are avoided or criticized. Why?

Let us identify the different kinds of salespeople that we normally see or encounter today whom I think are needing change in their way of selling. First, we have the pushy ones. This kind of salesperson tends to pressure the client into buying the products or services he/she is offering. This can be because he/she is also pressured and is focused too much on the quota or numbers he/she has to reach – daily, weekly or monthly. The worst part is they assume that their clients understand why they are doing it. Second is the manipulative type, who lies or manipulates the process or people just to make a sale. This puts an unfair advantage to the client. This salesperson doesn’t care about the feeling of the clients after the product is purchased or the service is availed. He/She just obviously cares about the satisfaction of having a sale. Third is the one who overpromises. This type of salesperson loves to over promise but tends to underdeliver. This tendency is the result of one’s negative mindset that it is the only way to get the sweet yes of the client. Unknowingly though, they give themselves a negative reputation. Consequently, unsatisfied clients avoid him/her and don’t give referrals because of the bad experience. Fourth is the non-listener type. This is the type who believes that if he/she talks a lot about the offered products or services, he/she can convince the clients to move forward. The truth is, he/she is actually forfeiting the idea of helping because he/she does not hear the clients out on what they really need or want. The fifth one on this list is the type who keeps on talking on the details but lacks emotion. This is the type of salesperson who is so knowledgeable about the product including the benefits and features. While being well-informed about the product or service is important for a salesperson, flooding clients with information that has the tendency to be easily forgotten will affect their decision-making later on. This type of salesperson does not fully acknowledge the value of storytelling to a buyer’s decision-making.

If we ponder on these, we realize why people choose to retrace their steps when they see a salesperson from afar. In truth, there are different ways to sell but before we can use such ways effectively, we first need to understand the real goal of sales – to lead people in getting what they want and need. How is this possible? A salesperson must take on the following five roles:

  1. Relationship Builder – this should be the very first role that a salesperson masters. He/she must make sure that the client trusts him/her first. One must always remember that if he/she offers the products or services to his/her customer first and builds relationships after, the customer will most likely say “no”. But, if a salesperson builds relationships first and offers the products or services after, customers will most likely say “yes”. Trust is the key, everything follows.
  2. Master Asker – in order to assess clients’ wants and needs, a salesperson must know how to ask questions and what questions to ask. One can’t possibly know what the clients are exactly looking by just looking at them and assuming what they need. You want to help your clients get what they need and want? You ask!
  3. Master Listener – a master asker should also be a master listener. It is important that a salesperson listens to what clients say when questions are asked. Clearly getting the important details from them will allow one to identify the right solution, product or service to offer to them.
  4. Storyteller – storytelling is the best way to drive a point, identify a lesson and relate to the clients. As they say, Fact tells,story sells.
  5. Master Closer – once a salesperson knows what clients need or want by being a master asker and master listener, he/she must not be hesitant in leading them to what they need to do, be and have in life. One must remember that we are not in the business of giving information to people, but we are in the business of moving people to take action and get what they want. Inspire people to take action.

In addition to taking on these roles, a salesperson should use the appropriate terminologies in sales that sell. Average salespeople don’t care about the words they use on their daily transactions or business. In every transaction or conversation we have with the people we serve or even our family members, the words or phrases we use generate positive or negative feelings. If we want to have successful careers or businesses, we need to be extra sensitive with the use of words. We need to know that there are disadvantage or rejection words that create fear or walls between us and the people we serve. On the other hand, there are also advantage words or go-ahead terms that help people make the best decision. So, a salesperson should learn to replace his/her disadvantage words with advantage words.

Moreover, a salesperson must always be passionate, disciplined, and have the right attitude. Without these values, one would find it hard to thrive in the sales industry regardless of the techniques he/she uses.

According to Tom Hopkins, “selling is the highest paid hard work and the lowest paid easy work there is.” Thus, if a salesperson only learns the knowledge, skills and art of selling and apply those religiously, he/she will surely be on top.

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ERTC’s Online Program: Is it helpful?

When CoVid-19 pandemic hit, ERTC’s scheduled live trainings were automatically cancelled. Yet, this did not stop us from continuing to serve others. It even motivated us to help professionals in the sales industry to continuously rise up and prevent the effects of the ongoing crisis. Hence, we came up with a program that can help sales professionals through a different medium. This program, which is delivered via Zoom, is called Closing the Sales Mastery (CSM).

Since the lessons that are taught in all of ERTC’s training are based on the experiences of the founder/trainer in his years of being in the sales industry, one can be sure that the learning are applicable and practical. As the program name suggests, CSM is focused on equipping a salesperson with the skills and art of selling that are proven to be effective in handling different types of objections and closing more sales. Yet, just like the other programs of Elevate Results Training and Consulting, Closing the Sales Mastery is designed to enable salespeople to see that this industry is established to serve other people. More than a means to earn money, sales is about building relationships and helping people get their needs, wants – to their dreams. The founder believes that if salespeople offer their products or service to the customers first and build relationships after, the latter will say ‘no’, but if salespeople would build relationships first and offer their products or service after, the customers will say ‘yes’. This and Zig Ziglar’s statement that, “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”, are two of the principles behind CSM and the other programs of ERTC. We aim to build sales champions in the country who have credibility, integrity, passion, discipline and attitude. Thus, in this program, we ensure that sales professionals will learn the following:

  • how to transfer ones feelings about the offered product or service to potential clients/buyers
  • how to increase self-confidence and earn more trust from potential clients/ buyers.
  • the right questions that build good relationships leading to paperwork approval.
  • the words that kill sales and the words that sell in any industry.
  • the color that kills sales and the colors that sell.
  • the three effective ways to follow up prospects and clients without annoying them.
  • the tested and proven template in handling different types of objections that inspires prospects to give small YESes leading to big YESes.
  • the different types of closing that can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • how to close more sales naturally and become a champion in the industry.
  • the attitudes and habits of a champion.
  • how to be and stay on top, and be a blessing to others who need help.


We have already conducted this training for the 10th time since May of this year, and it has been proven to be very effective by our valued clients who have completed it.


Countless positive feedback is being sent to us every time our participants get to apply their learning. Here are some of the reviews we got for Closing the Sales Mastery:

Salespeople are sometimes avoided by people because of their approaches and practices that are quite pushy, aggressive or manipulative. If you want to help break this stigma and become a champion not just in sales but also in life, equip yourself and be part of our training.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive: A T.Harv Eker Signature Program

In August of 2016, my wife and I attended a training that I heard about in the National Achievers’ Congress 2015. The program name is unforgettable and screams promise – Millionaire Mind Intensive. To be truthful, I thought that it was about how to be a millionaire, and I guess I am not alone in that impression. I even received some questions about its morality. To anyone who has not attended the program, it really seems to be just about accumulating more and more money.

Millionaire Mind Intensive_T Harv Eker Signature Program_2

Even if there is a program like the latter, why do we criticize or condemn a training that involves money-making? Why do we always associate money with evil? What are the uses of money? We are no longer living in a time where we exchange essential goods with goods we produce. We need money to buy these goods instead. We need money to secure a roof over our heads. We need money to enhance our knowledge and skills. We need money to ensure our health. We need it because that’s what is used in our time. We just adapt to survive and thrive. Are these things we exchange for money evil? If your answer is no, you have to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive. If your answer is yes, you NEED to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive.

In a span of three days, we experienced a transformation of a lifetime. We discovered the kind of relationship we had with money and the misconceptions we had about it and about people having more of it. Our learning from MMI freed us from guilt, anger, insecurity, and other issues. We discovered how real successful people think – how a millionaire mind works. Aside from the new concepts we learned, there were workshops that helped us address and overcome our fears. Specifically, we were led to change our money and success blueprints for good, we were made to identify our attitude towards money, we were conditioned not to be ruled by money, and we were taught that it’s the habit of saving money and not the amount that matters. Our eyes opened to what we refused to see. In other words, Millionaire Mind Intensive is not just an informational training, it is also a transformative one.

Millionaire Mind Intensive_T Harv Eker Signature Program_3

This signature program of T. Harv Eker can easily be one of the world-changing training programs there is. I am in awe of people like T. Harv Eker who makes it their mission to educate others, and I am grateful to organizations like Laurus Enterprises and Success Resources that make sure more people get the opportunity to be part of such programs.

Millionaire Mind Intensive_T Harv Eker Signature Program_4

If you are having a problem with money or if you are having fun with it, I urge you to join this program and watch your life and others lives transform before your very eyes.

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Your Way to the Top

Passion. Discipline. Attitude.

These are the main values that serve as the foundation of Elevate Results Training and Consulting (ERTC), a Cebu-based sales training company that serves everyone and anyone in the Philippines. This firm has the mission of serving sales professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and other individuals by inspiring and helping them to achieve excellent results in their respective fields. It envisions itself as a company that would bring a positive and significant difference in the lives of salespeople, other individuals, and organizations through effective training and lasting solutions for success.

For Elevate Results, sales and overall performance of a salesperson is dependent on the skills and art that he/she equips himself/herself with and not merely on the innate qualities he/she already possesses. To materialize its vision, Elevate Results created different programs which could help sales professionals and even business owners be equipped with the skills necessary for the achievement of excellence in the sales and business industry. The programs that this company currently offers are the following:

  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Motivational Sales Training
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Seal the Deal Program
  • Closing the Sales Mastery
  • Sales and Service Excellence Training
  • Elevated Presentation Skills

Elevate Results Training and Consulting was established by me, Elvenril “Elven” Camus. I started this firm to help create sales champions who are far from the pushy, aggressive, and manipulative type that buyers tend to avoid. Being a salesperson myself, I dream to turn the sales profession into a highly-respected one. I had 14 years of customer service and sales experience which enabled me to get accustomed to the highs and lows of working in this field. I experienced working as a housekeeping staff in one of my hometown’s hotels. I worked my way towards the front office of the same hotel before having been recruited to be a front desk officer in a visa consultancy firm in Cebu City.

Your Way to the Top

I continued to work harder, took leaps of faith, and became a competent sales representative then sales trainer. It had not been easy for me but, driven by my passion, I sought guidance from personalities who have achieved success not only in sales but in many aspects of life. I learned with an open mind and heart from the examples of my colleagues, guidance of my mentors, and teachings of world-class trainers and motivational speakers. Aside from learning from the likes of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robins, Blair Singer, and Mac Attram through their books, audio recordings, videos, and live training, I invested time and resources in attending world-class training such as T. Harv Eker’s Train the Trainer and Making the Stage among others. I am also now a part of a global tribe under Blair Singer Training Academy (BSTA).

Your Way to the Top_2

Needless to say, Elevate Results Training and Consulting is founded by my experiences, guided by the principles of successful personalities in the world of sales and business, and strengthened by my passion, discipline, and attitude making it a revolutionary training company. Elevate Results Training and Consulting is indeed your way to the top.

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Why Excellent Customer Service Matters?

One of the most important aspects that anyone offering a product or service should have is excellent Customer Service. It can make or break a company. This is because through it, product or service buyers determine the sellers’ heart to serve and not just sell for the sake of profit. This is one of the ways how a seller can make the buyers feel good and secured.

Who is part of the customer service team in a business or company? Is it the front desk officer, the sales representative, or the chat support? In reality, every single member of the company is part of customer service. In one way or another, a customer will have an encounter with any member. If everyone understands how to value customers, they will make sure that they do their specific tasks in the company with accuracy and care.

It is very important for business owners to invest on the development of the customer service skills of its employees as much as it does in other aspects. The popularity and quality of a product and service are what attracts customers, but excellent customer service is what will make them patronize the brand.

How can a seller ensure good customer service then? First is to learn from the customer service of successful businesses. It is best to know from experienced people what works and what does not. Make sure that everyone in the company is aware of the company’s mission and vision, code of honor, and is accountable in upholding them.

At the end of the day, when the clients feel the seller’s care by giving them excellent customer service, they will take good care of the business in turn. They will not only become loyal customers, but they will also spread the word about the quality service of the company. Always remember that it is not about the number of goods sold – it is the number of satisfied customers that matters. In a nutshell, excellent customer service is the key to a long-term business success.

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