10 Reasons Why I Reached 1,461 Days of Mission

Wow! Indeed, time flies when we are having fun. I can’t believe that it has been exactly four years since Elevate Results Training and Consulting officially started. Why am I enjoying it despite the challenges? Because I am fulfilling my mission in life. I know this is what I am called to do. 

A friend once expressed her hesitation to me about this path I chose. She told me that she’s worried for my sake because I might reach a point where I’d regret it. Her anxiety was not without reason. We were both aware of people who were once highly driven to follow their dream paths but quit or failed. It was indeed a precarious decision to leave employment and become an independent sales trainer instead. But, I told her what I told myself and others, that if I let my fears hinder me, it would be impossible for me to pursue my mission in life.  

There was a time when I questioned my decision and felt down because, at that time, no one wanted to work with me. What did I do? I did not quit; I persisted. Within the 48 months that I have been doing what I do, I can say that I have come a long way because of these ten reasons:

  1. I put God at the center of my life. He is the Author of everything. Through Him, I always obtain total peace of mind and peace of heart. I am nothing without Him.
  2. I live my purpose and fulfill my mission. It is the reason why I do what I do. Because of this, it makes my life and career more meaningful, fulfilling, and productive.
  3. I listen to my wife every single day. She’s my best critic and encourager. She always sees my strengths and weaknesses in life and wants only the best for me. Because of her, I improve inch by inch and day by day.
  4. I take the advice of my family and friends. They show genuine support and care, particularly for my health, growth, and life in general. Because of them, I keep moving and doing the right thing no matter what.
  5. I work with my mentors.  They show support and encouragement to continue what I do for people. Because of them, I  achieve the goals I have in life.
  6. I work with committed teammates. They care, support, and believe in my mission. Because of them, we served more than 15 thousand sales, and business professionals became the best version of themselves.
  7. I build long-term relationships with our existing valued clients. These relationships bring me fulfillment and satisfaction in what I do. Because of this kind of connection, many of them became my friends.
  8. I focus on my One Thing every single day. This helps lead me to where I want to be. Because of my One Thing, I always feel organized and focused on what I want to do and achieve every day.
  9. I choose to be consistent in inspiring people. Because of this, I feel complete that I fulfilled my mission and made other people feel blessed, motivated, and inspired to live life to the fullest.
  10. I always feel grateful for all the blessings, big and small, and celebrate them. Every time I appreciate and acknowledge my wins, I always feel happy and blessed. Because of this, I attract non-stop blessings in my life.

So here I am celebrating with joy and gratitude the 1,461 days of living my mission precisely on my 36th birthday. There is not an ounce of regret in me for walking this path. I am equally thankful for the challenges I faced and overcame because of this as I am for the blessings. When you ask me where I see myself in the next 1,461 days, I can confidently say that I am still on this path, moving forward as usual with a smile. 

Are you also on a path that leads you to your mission in life? How do you feel about it?

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